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A Preview

Here is what I am currently working on: I’m also working on a ballista kit. And I put up a page in projects for catapults.

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GeekDad’s Toy Guide!

My catapult kits have been featured on GeekDad’s Holiday Gift Guide! I have been making kits in preparation, and will have a balista (and maybe a gear box?) kit for the holiday season.

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I started an Etsy account to sell catapults, and other kits later on.

I was on NPR for a few seconds

Tom Banse, a reporter for NPR’s KUOW, interviewed me when he visited OlyMEGA a couple weeks ago. You can find the article and radio piece here, which has a short quote from that interview. The piece was about hacker/makerspaces and

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Donation box added

Added a page for the donation box I made for OlyMEGA. This page may turn into a general projects page in the future. Go to it here. Edit: I went and put it under a project page.